I love cum!

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Sunday Funday

  What a great funday! One of my regulars has a fascination with my love of cum in all forms. Previously he has recruited other tops to cum on me, saved his own cum for me to play with!
Today he had another surprise for me…he and two friends had saved up their cum for me, jerked off into tupperware and kept it frozen for me!
After I had dressed for them, and knelt like a good cocksucker, I took turns sucking their cocks and edging them.

Eventually the dominance came out in them and they restrained my hands, leaving only my mouth to service them. While I sucked their cocks, they discussed how best to share their saved cum for me! They decided to combine it, and pour it on my face and in my mouth! It was nice and warm from soaking the containers in hot water. As they stood there jerking their cocks, they poured it on my face, in my mouth! They watched as I tried to blow cum bubbles! I was covered in cum and it didn’t take them long to add theirs too! All three of them came very quickly after pouring the cum on me! My face was covered!
And then they decided I needed to suck them all off for a second time! My eyes were cum sealed, I was blind as they stuffed my face. Eventually we had to take a break to wipe my eyes clean with a warn wet towel and then back to work!
I sucked all three off a second time, taking it all in my mouth! I love cum! 

It took a lot of showering to clean it all off me, I was covered!  As we relaxed afterwards they were trying to figure out how to find more tops willing to join our cum fun! I’m such a lucky cumslut!

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Anonymous asked: have you ever drank your own cum?

  Yes….just the other day, it was fed to me by one of my Dom Top friends!